Can you save Betty the Badger from certain doom? Delve deep into the terrifying Dungeons of Randomness, battling evilness, randomness and even stupidness along the way. With over fifty ways of dying it would be rude not to. Badger Quest is a comedy adventure game where YOU are the hero. Unless you die a horrible but humorous death along the way...

Written by the Big Cheese Badger, from We Are All Badgers, Badger Quest is half interactive adventure and half epic story. Oh, and it's half silly comedy.

The Dungeons of Randomness are in the land of Badgerville - a world very similar to your own, except in Badgerville, animals and colours are people too and Tommy Tomkins is the most well-respected man alive. In your world you might think he's a bit of a twonker, but not in Badgerville.

When Tommy Tomkins discoverd that his wife, Betty the Badger, had been kidnapped, he went immediately for help to his lifelong friend, Smelly Jenkins and his Enormous Fungal Growth - our unlikely hero.

"Help me, Smelly Jenkins and your Enormous Fungal Growth!" Tommy cried, "Betty the Badger has been taken by the evil renegade colour, Lucifous! You are the only one who I can trust to delve deep into the Dungeons of Randomness and save the furry love of my life. Will you help me, Smelly Jenkins and your Enormous Fungal Growth?"

Smelly Jenkins is honoured that Tommy has come to him for help. He has never been accepted by society because of his rather smelly and rather enormous fungal growth. But maybe he would finally be accepted if he rescued Betty the Badger? And he would be a hero to boot.

"I have called the adventure: Badger Quest," says Tommy, encouraging you by making it sound exciting.

Smelly Jenkins ponders whether or not he should undertake Badger Quest... Even though he is scared, even though he knows nothing of adventuring, and even though he is generally useless at most things you can think of, he still wants to help his friend... Now YOU have the chance to decide for him.

Will you

Lead Smelly Jenkins and his Enormous Fungal Growth onwards to Badger Quest if you are brave enough


Lead Smelly Jenkins and his Enormous Fungal Growth back to his house where he belongs if you are too scared

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