Left at the big oak tree, right at the big pointy rock, through the fields, and you reach the hills and lo and behold - nothing! Hmm, where is the purple door? After all that travelling it is now dark and you have just moonlight to guide your way. You begin to doubt your memory - should you have disco-danced to an imaginary beat for seven years then done forward rolls for a further two years? But before you have a chance to move your body - a purple door appears where there was no purple door a moment ago. Wow, it stands proudly before you, twinkling in the moonlight. Hurrah for Tommy's great instructions. And hurrah for your impressive memory skills. You head towards the purple door with renewed hope, you will save poor Betty the Badger. You waste no time and march torwards the door, but as you open it your big toe snags on a tree root and you stumble and fall through the purple door and onto the floor beyond.

Congratulations, you have entered the Dungeons of Randomness. Not quite in the heroic fashion you intended but at least you are in. Actually, it reminds you of your last visit to the pub; that was embarrassing. You rise sheepishly from the floor. The door closes behind you and you are alone.

"And so Badger Quest begins..."