You dust yourself off. It's lucky you brought along your feather duster. You are just at the start and you've already used something out of your satchel full of potentially useful adventuring items; it bodes well. You look around: you are the end of a long grey corridor. Behind you there is only stone - the purple door has vanished!

"Great Galloping Guffs!" you cry out in surprise.

There is only one option now - onwards. As so you bravely begin your epic adventure. Potentially epic anyway as you might die in the next room but you try not to think about that...

"Not so scary so far," you ponder to yourself. But Tommy told you to be vigilent at all times - the Dungeons of Randomness is not to be trusted. It was created by the master of randomness himself - The Master of Randomness. Expect the unexpected. But also expect the expected as it might be a double bluff.

The Dungeons of Randomness was commissioned by the heinous criminal and fugitive colour rogue - Lucifous. He approached the mysterious Master of Randomness with the proposal and in return for an assorted selection of pastries he created the dungeons. It has been Lucifous's evil lair ever since and from here he has operated his evil empire. The Colour Allocation Authority, the body that oversees colours, are aware of it's existence but fail to find it as they end up disco-dancing to an imaginary beat for seven years. Not ideal.

Tommy Tomkins had informed you that the dungeons are organised into three levels of confusion and randomness: The first level is Level 1; the second level is Level 2 and the third level is Level 3. Armed with this inside information you feel much more confident.

You reach the end of the corridor and come face to face with what you deduce to be a door. On closer inspection you are sure that it is door. Yes, definitely a door. You start to have doubts about your adventuring suitability but ignore them.

Will you

Open the door and enter


Scratch your Enormous Fungal Growth then open the door and enter