Black and white checkered tiles cover the floor. Black and white is always good - reminds you of a badger. You have entered a small but neat entrance hallway. There are two doors in the opposite wall and a large mirror hanging between them. As you reach the doors you cannot help but catch a glimse of yourself in the mirror. Your large clumsey figure can be seen in the full-length mirror; even your Enormous Fungal Growth. It rests on your back like a giant alien slug. It is the cause of your constant smell and has been the source of much riducle but now suddenly in the loneliness of the dungeon you view it in a different light. Torchlight. And also metaphorically speaking in a different light - a loyal companion - it has never abandoned you unlike so many others. You are glad for the company.

You look at your large flappy hands and pot-belly hunchback in the mirror. Hardly the look of a hero. Maybe you should turn around and head back and leave this adventuring malarky to someone more suitable... Tommy would understand...

You wrestle with your thoughts and draw strength from the fact you, and you alone, have been chosen to save the badger of the greatest man to have ever lived - you are finally important to the world.

You may well have gazed upon yourself for the last time but you smile proudly as you realise that you have won this battle. The first of many in these dangerous dungeons.

And now your first decision in the dungeon has to be made...

Will you

Choose the door on the left


Choose the door on the right